Western New York and N.W. Pennsylvania's Preferred Supplier of Construction Materials with Eight Locations

Gernatt has eight locations in Western New York


Collins - Collins Asphalt
13870 Taylor Hollow Road
    Office:  716-532-3371
    Fax:     716-532-9000
11216 Route 98
    Office:  585-496-5244
    Fax:     716-492-3962
191 Broadway Road
    Office:  716-532-2723
    Fax:     716-532-9402
Delevan Asphalt
11802 Route 16
    Office:  716-492-0250
    Fax:     716-492-2013
South Dayton
Country Side Sand & Gravel
8458 Route 62
    Office:  716-988-3271
    Fax:     716-988-3272
Springville - Springville Asphalt
13650 Benz Drive
    Office:  716-592-3371
    Fax:     716-592-7352
11860 Route 16
    Office:  716-496-5111
    Fax:     716-496-5059
West Seneca Asphalt
1655 Union Road
    Office:  716-675-3371
    Fax:     716-675-1003
Great Valley
4353 Horton Road
    Office:  716-945-2103
    Fax:     716-945-1279
12670 Buffalo Road
    Office:  716-549-0551
    Fax:     716-934-3698
Westfield Asphalt
7802 Persons Road
    Office:  716-793-3373
    Fax:     716-793-3373


Welcome to the Gernatt Family of Companies which includes: Dan Gernatt Gravel Products, Inc., Country Side Sand & Gravel, Inc., and Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.. Our companies have been involved in the sand, gravel and asphalt businesses for over fifty years. Since the original site was opened in the late 1940s, we have grown to include seven sand and gravel processing plants, five hot-mix asphalt plants, one contractor supply outlet, and many sand and gravel excavation sites. Gernatt is proud to be one of the largest sand and gravel producers in New York State.

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